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Whether you are an individual who enjoys working alone or someone seeking the support of other writers, WIC is an affordable answer to the many challenges all writers face.

We would like to welcome you to our growing community of writers, authors, and poets. Writers Inner Circle (WIC) offers an inside view of a writer’s world, one that reveals the secrets that all successful writers know. The idea for a story comes to us in ways that are often unexplainable. Perhaps a life experience or event keeps nagging, insisting that you share it with the world. It doesn’t matter what idea wakes you up in the middle of the night or excites your creative juices. When your muse visits, it’s hard to ignore such a powerful voice.

Writers Inner Circle is a systematic approach to writing that provides a strategic path for writers to complete their writing goals. The purpose of WIC is to inspire writers to write with confidence and resolve with the potential for publication.  

With a library full of helpful tools, members are able to work at their own pace and find the path best suited for them. Our members are surrounded by a community of like-minded creative writers and vetted professionals who believe in what they are doing.

Whether you’re writing for pleasure or have more professional aspirations, there is a place in our WIC community for you.

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WIC Writing Contests for 2018

The ancient art of writing has descended upon the house of WIC. We are inviting all WIC members and non-members to tap into your creative muse and send us your creative writing pieces. Our monthly writing contests have launched and will continue through the end of the year. Each month has its own unique theme, see below for details. Submit as many entries as you'd like in the form of Poetry/Prose or Short Essays.

Entry Fees:

Entries must be in Poetry/Prose form or Essay form. Essays are limited to 500 words or less. 
WIC Members: $10 per entry for Poetry/Prose  |  $20 for Essays
Non-Members: $25 per entry for Poetry/Prose  |  $35 for Essays 

All submissions will be judged by an independent panel. Winning entries will be included in an anthology: WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Essays to be published in 2019. All contest entries will be considered for inclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to work with editors should they agree to be included in the anthology. There are no additional fees required to be a part of the anthology. The contest entry fees will automatically place your piece(s) into qualification. Each person published in the anthology will have the opportunity to purchase 5 books at cost. Cost to be determined at time of publishing. WIC members will receive special discounts. Additional copies will be available at a wholesale price through WIC Press Ink

WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Essays upon completion of publication will be available on Amazon.
So what are you waiting for?  Now is the Right time to Write and grab at the chance to see your writing in print and say your are a published author!


1st Place: $50 and a featured as WIC's Member Spotlight for a month;
2nd Place: TBA
3rd Place: TBA

To be eligible for consideration, please submit your written piece with your entry fee to: Writers Inner Circle, 12463 Rancho Bernardo Road, San Diego, CA 92128-2143. Electronic payment can be made through Paypal or Venmo. For more information regarding this, or if you have other questions, please contact Candace Conradi directly at [email protected].

Winning entries will be posted here on the WIC website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All authors will maintain full rights to their entries. Any use by WIC will be subject to their approval.

Themes & Deadlines:

MAY & JUNEMom, Dad & The Muse
The months of May and June are dedicated to mothers, fathers, and the creative relationship writers have with their muse. Your entry can be composed around the impact a parent had on you or how your muse has inspired your writing process. DEADLINE: June 30, 2018

JULYFreedom or Liberation
The Fourth of July in America has long been the month when we celebrate our independence. July calls us to that liberation, to the times in our lives when we step away from those things that bind us and begin a new journey. What does freedom mean to you? Share your thoughts in a written work of fiction or memoir. DEADLINE: July 31, 2018

AUGUSTSummer Memories, Summer Romances
The smell of fresh cut grass, Coppertone sunscreen and summer nights come to mind. August always seems to be the height of summer, when all things good happen. Share something imaginary or real that will carry us away into hope, youthful exuberance, wonder. DEADLINE: August 31, 2018

SEPTEMBERLearning, Awareness & Personal Growth
Evolution and transformation are the spices of life that keep us fresh and alive. September is the traditional beginning of school, new beginnings, assimilation of what we have learned before as we go forward into the unknown. A fictional character or an autobiography – the changing face of life is worth sharing. DEADLINE: September 30, 2018

OCTOBERThe Scary, The Mystical, The Unexpected
The Wizard of Oz
is a favorite movie during the month of October. Take us down your “yellow brick road” to the places in your psyche or experience that will make the hair on our arms stand or the goosebumps on our skin tingle!  DEADLINE: October 31, 2018

Nothing heals people as much as feelings of gratitude. November is the perfect time to reflect on the gifts from the year and count the many blessings that come … and sometimes they are wrapped in a crap sandwich! Share how a shift from anguish to gratitude changed a life; or a fictional piece that led to redemption; or the beauty found in life through feeling grateful. The possibilities are endless. DEADLINE: November 30, 2018

DECEMBERFood, Celebrations & Gifts
The snow that sequesters most people into their igloos is the ignition switch for holidays, pulling us from the fireplace into warm woolen socks and out into the world. It’s not always an easy time for people, but given the chance to stop and ponder, it can be a time of deep magic and mystical transformation. It is the story of hope for something better, something good, something more than we can see. DEADLINE: December 31, 2018

FILLING IN THE BLANKS - for January / February / March 2018
In order to have a complete anthology at time of publication we'd like to include entries representing the first quarter of 2018.  We will be adding additional information in the coming months to ask for entries specific to themes for January / February and March of this year.  Stay tuned and keep an eye on this space.



Levels of Membership

Social Membership - 14.99 monthly 
Offered on a month-to-month basis, the Social Membership gives writers the opportunity to explore the world of writing, build their creative muscle, and meet and socialize with other members. For more information see our Social Membership page.

Essential Basics Membership - $24.99 monthly (Save $50 with 2 months free by billing annually)
WIC's Essential Basics Membership provides essential tools designed for developing your writing skills and storyline. Essential Basics Membership is the first-floor entrance to the realization of your goals and dreams. For more information see our Essential Basics Membership page.

Intermediate & Advanced Memberships - Coming in 2018
Advanced and strategic programs designed to get your book written and ready for publication.


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