WIC Awards, Recognitions & Contests


Information about our Award Program to be launched in 2018.

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Writers Inner Circle will be recognizing and celebrating its members as each person achieves certain milestones. Some of those milestones might be, but are not limited to:

  • Completing a 6-week learning module
  • Regular participation in our calls, online and live events
  • Contributing to our blogs
  • Referrals that join WIC
  • Forming a WIC Writer's Roundtable group
  • Presenting at our live mic event, Storyteller's Edge
  • Completed manuscripts
  • Becoming published

Any part of a writer's journey has value and our goal is to not only lift our members up as they do the hard work needed to write a book but to also celebrate the many little successes along the way. The awards are being developed and the following are being considered:

  • WIC Coins (discounts for services)
  • Two free tickets to a live Storyteller's Edge event
  • A featured article in our WIC Newsletter, highlighting you and your work as a writer
  • Extended memberships of two months
  • Discounts to WIC Writer's Retreats


To keep ongoing excitement and creativity building in our writing community, we will be hosting WIC writing contests throughout the year, beginning in 2018.

WIC Anthologies

We will be collecting short story submissions from our members with a specific theme from our members. Those authors and stories that are chosen will then become part of an anthology, compiled into a book by WIC's publishing arm, WIC INK, Press. The winning contest members will then have the honor of being published and can add the book to their marketing materials and resume.

Be Our Guest

Twice a year, the person receiving the most recognition for their work as a writer will be honored at a hosted writer's luncheon with available authors,  editors, publishers, and experts. It's a great chance to ask questions and receive the "full monty" of attention! No Chipindale fellas ... just juicy information pertinent to your work as a writer!


Beginning in 2018, we will accept essays from writers for the opportunity to be awarded a one-year scholarship to WIC. Submission rules and guidelines will be provided at the time of the contest.