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WIC White Papers

Welcome to the WIC Resource Page, providing information on a variety of writing subjects. Please click on the links below to access PDF's in your area of interest.

Some of these checklists are created by the WIC community, other resources come from professional writing organizations that have relevant importance in the writing and publishing process. Examples of some of our WIC White Papers include:

  • ISBN - International Standard Book Number
    • Barcodes
    • Copyrighting 
    • Library of Congress
    • Book Industry Study Group
  • WIC Publishing Quick Check List
  • IBPA (International Book Publishers Association) - Professional Guidelines from IBPA with Link to IBPA site
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Mental Musings Fitness Center

Writing is a muscle and just as a runner must train for a marathon, writers must keep their writing muscle strong. To write well, there are a couple of basic principles every writer must know. 

The first and most important thing in developing strong writing muscles is to write. Write about anything, everything, or nothing at all. The more often you put your thoughts into words, the better writer you will become. Most of the workout exercises found in our Mental Musings Fitness Center (MMFC) are designed to help writers develop the art of listening to the story's voice rather than trying to mentally force the shape of a story.

In addition to using MMFC we recommend our members read regularly. It is not only helpful to read different genres or periodicals but you will gain invaluable subliminal information on style, voice, point-of-view and so much more when reading well-written books, magazines, and online periodicals.  

The Mental Musings Fitness Center has exercises and musings to help every writer keep their ideas fresh, their writing muscle "ripped," and their "blocked" door open! MMFC is available for all members, beginning at the Social Membership Level.


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