Entries must be in Poetry/Prose form or Short Story form.
Essays are limited to 1500 words or less. 

WIC Members: $10 per entry for Poetry/Prose  |  $20 for Essays
Non-Members: $25 per entry for Poetry/Prose  |  $35 for Essays 

Please note that by submitting your prose or poetry to the WIC Contest you are agreeing to the rules as stated in the link below.


WIC's Writing Contest is open to the general public at large. All submissions will be judged by an independent panel. Winning entries will be included in an anthology: 
WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Short Stories to be published in 2019. 
All contest entries will be considered for inclusion.

Storytelling from Candace G Conradi on Vimeo.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with editors should they agree to be included in the anthology.  Authors have full rights to use their submitted piece(s) outside of WIC, e.g., other contests, other anthologies, other books etc. There are no additional fees required to be a part of the anthology.

The contest entry fees will automatically place your piece(s) into qualification to be considered for inclusion in WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Short Stories. Each person published in the anthology will have the opportunity to purchase up to 7 books at cost (plus a shipping fee). After the initial 7 books purchased, additional copies will be available for a wholesale price (plus a shipping fee). The price per copy will be determined at the time of publishing based on the size of the book itself. WIC members have the ability to purchase additional copies at a reduced price. Non-WIC members may purchase additional copies but a higher price. 

Each month's theme is provided as inspiration; however, themes are a guideline and not "written in stone!" Each writer is encouraged to submit story(ies) they are inspired to write. Please see information for months of January, February and March at the end of this list for additional thematic inspiration.

WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Short Stories, Volume I will be promoted by WIC and available on

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