contest scrollAll submissions will be judged by an independent panel. Winning entries will be included in an anthology: WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Short Stories to be published in 2019. All contest entries will be considered for inclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to work with editors should they agree to be included in the anthology.  No restrictions on writers regarding submission or inclusion of piece in other forms. There are no additional fees required to be a part of the anthology. The contest entry fees will automatically place your piece(s) into qualification. Each person published in the anthology will have the opportunity to purchase up to 7 books at cost (plus a shipping fee). The price per copy to be determined at the time of publishing based on the size of the book itself. After the initial 7 purchases, additional copies will be available for a wholesale price (plus a shipping fee) to be determined at the time of publication through WIC Press Ink for WIC members only. 

Each month has a theme to assist in fertilizing a writer's imagination; however, the theme is a guideline and not "written in stone!" Each writer is encouraged to submit the story(ies) they are inspired to write. Please see information for months of January, February and March at the end of this list.

Upon completion of publication by WIC Press Ink, WIC Magic, A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Short Stories, Volume I will be promoted by WIC and available on

"Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you land among the stars." 
Norman Vincent Peale


Themes & Deadlines for 2018: (All entry fees must be paid by the last day of each month to be eligible.)

APRIL -  General Poetry Entries - Completed. Congraulations to everyone who participated! See the list of winners! 

MAY & JUNE – Mom, Dad & Our Roots (or of your personal preference)
The months of May and June are dedicated to mothers, fathers, and the people who have most influenced or shaped your life. Your entry can be based on your relationship with one or both of your parents, someone who assumed that role in some way. This can be a wonderful letter of gratitude to those who have meant so much. DEADLINE: June 30, 2018 Click here to register.

JULY – Freedom, Liberation, and/or Independence (or of your personal preference)
The Fourth of July in America has long been the month when we celebrate our independence. July calls us to that liberation, to the times in our lives when we step away from those things that bind us and begin a new journey. What does freedom mean to you? Share your thoughts in a written work of fiction or memoir. DEADLINE: July 31, 2018 Click here to register.

AUGUST – Summer Memories, Summer Romances (or of your personal preference)
The smell of fresh cut grass, Coppertone sunscreen and summer nights come to mind. August always seems to be the height of summer, when all things good happen. Share something imaginary or real that will carry us away into hope, youthful exuberance, and/or wonder. DEADLINE: August 31, 2018  Click here to register.

SEPTEMBER – Learning, Awareness & Personal Growth(or of your personal preference)
September is about stepping into the unknown, learning new ideas, letting go of those that don’t make sense. Learning is about growth and evolution, whether it be personal, educational, or universal. How has your personal education shaped your life?  DEADLINE: September 30, 2018 Click here to register.

OCTOBER – The Scary, The Mystical, The Unexpected(or of your personal preference)
Lions and tigers and bears ... oh no! The Wizard of Oz is a favored movie during the month of October. Take us down your “yellow brick road” to the places in your psyche or experiences that will make the reader's hair stand up on their arms and/or raise goosebumps that roll over and across their skin!  DEADLINE: October 31, 2018 Click here to register.

NOVEMBER – Gratitude (or of your personal preference)
Nothing changes others in quite the same way as gratitude. Feelings of thankfulness have long been part of poetry, prose and storytelling. November is the perfect time to reflect on the many ways that gratitude may have affected you. Where there moments when you felt it deeply? Did an "ah-ha" moment make you aware that you were indeed fortunate a prayer or wish was not answered or granted? Perhaps how a shift from anguish to gratitude changed your or someone else's life. And a fictional piece that leads to redemption always brings a reader to a different place; or perhaps the beauty found in the mundane, everyday life we awaken to each day. The possibilities are endless. DEADLINE: November 30, 2018 Click here to register.

DECEMBER – Food, Celebrations & Gifts (or of your personal preference)
Storms that sequesters most people into their igloos brings snow when the storm has cleared, that white fluff covering the ground is the ignition switch for holidays, pulling us from the fireplace into warm woolen socks, warm delicious dinners, gift giving, and sleigh rides! Winter is not always an easy time for people, but given the chance to stop and ponder, it can be a time of deep magic and mystical transformation. The holidays we celebrate during this time speaks to the hope for something better, something good, and a deepened belief in something more than we can see. Holidays can also be poignant and even painful. However you find them, share it in writing. DEADLINE: December 31, 2018 Click here to register.


FILLING IN THE BLANKS - for January / February / March 2018

In order to have a complete anthology at time of publication we'd like to include entries representing the first quarter of 2018.  See below for themes for January, February and March. These entries can also be made at the same time you enter another month's contest or by substituting one of these months for any one of the months the contest is taking place.

JANUARY - Resolve, Determination, Tenacity (or of your personal preference)
January. A new year’s resolution, personal resolve and undaunted determination. January’s theme captures the optimism we all have when a new year begins. But it’s not just about the beginning of the year, it’s about the deeply human spirit of resolve, to conquer fear and move forward as doubt demands answers to questions we must always heed. Poetry, Prose or Short Story … what exactly does resolve, determination and tenacity mean to you? DEADLINE: The month you enter. By example, if you enter in July, it would be July 31, June would be June 30. Click here to register.

FEBRUARY -Redefining Love (or of your personal preference)
February brings to minds hearts and flowers for some; for others, it brings struggle and heartbreak. Today love is being redefined in the 21st Century. It's no longer about "happily ever after" but instead it has a broad spectrum: the love of others, the love of Self, the love of life, of ideals, of just about anything that helps us feel connected, inspired and valued can be called “love.” Even the most hopeful beginnings that blend into years eventually reaches an end. How will your piece pull at our heartstrings? DEADLINE: The month you enter. By example, if you enter in July, it would be July 31, June would be June 30. Click here to register.

MARCH - Life, Beginnings, Pushing Through (or of your personal preference)
March. Let the snow melt, the storm clouds turn fluffy white, and the sweet smell of spring mornings mix with wet dirt. Breathe in flowering bushes and gaze at green baby leaves springing from the extended thin branches of once bare trees. Rebirth, rising out of the ashes to begin again. Life is a mighty wave of birth, death and rebirth. It's a journey that asks us to rise above our challenges to find the sun again. This month share the victory of the hero, the triumph of the soul. DEADLINE: The month you enter. By example, if you enter in July, it would be July 31, June would be June 30. Click here to register.