Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions.  Can't find the resolution to your query here, then please reach out by sending us a personal message.  Click here to jump to our contact page.

1) How Do I Get 2 Months Free?  

Join for a year with our Essential Basic Membership and benefit!  To take advantage of this offer click here! If you'd like to know more, visit the Essential Basic page now!

2) Is there a way to test-drive membership to see if this a good fit for me?

Yes, absolutely.  The Social Member platform at $14.99 a month allows you to "test drive" the many benefits of being part of a writing community! Writing is a process and we all need time to build our writing muscle! It's a great way to find out if your writing goals are "right" for you! 

3) What is a "Virtual Roundtable?"

Using WIC's Zoom Room, writers can gather from anywhere they live and form a writing group of at least three participants and no more than five. More information is available on the Virtual Roundtable page. 

4) I'm not ready to join but would like to participate in Virtual Roundtables is that possible without being a member?

Yes. There are 2 ways to accomplish this. If you have a friend who is a member of WIC you can join the virtual roundtables by invitation, via your friend. Not a member? Create your own writer's group of 3 or 4 friends and connect with us via email: [email protected].  WIC members receive a discount for this service so we recommend joining as a Social Member to mitigate costs. Click here for more information and fees associated with our virtual roundtables.  

5) I'm not ready to join but would like to participate in Storyteller's Edge, is that possible without being a member?

Yes. Storyteller's Edge is our live event designed to give writers the opportunity to read their work in front of a live audience. All participants must first submit their written work for review and then be interviewed and audition. Currently, Storyteller's Edge events take place in San Diego, California but no further north than Los Angeles. If you live out of the area and have an interest in presenting, interviews and auditions can take place online.  Please note that WIC members get first priority and fees will apply. For more information on Storyteller's Edge click here.  If you have specific questions and wish a more personal response please reach out via our contact page.  

6) I am not a traditional writer in that I am not currently working on a novel, but I like to blog. Can WIC help me? 

Absolutely! Writing, is writing, is writing. A blog is a short story and in order to keep it fresh, it's important to stay connected and explore new ideas. WIC members are given the opportunity to write for our blog with the potential to have it published. 

7) I like to journal but also enjoy writing short stories, which membership level would suit me best?

You can begin with the Social Membership to test the waters and then, if you discover you are committed to writing, you can benefit from the Essential Basic Membership, especially if you graduate to short stories. In time, the more advanced membership may work for you, but in the beginning, we always encourage new writers to start the process simply. If you think you might be ready for the Essential Membership Level, click here.

8) How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships will become available early in 2018 and requests will be taken on a person by person basis and can be submitted to us by filling out the WIC scholarship form. The Scholarship Program is currently under development but if you'd like some general details please click here

9) Do members have the opportunity to contribute to the WIC Blog? 

Yes. WIC is all about creating opportunities for their members! If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please let us know! As a WIC member, you have the chance to submit blogs for consideration and publication on our blog page.

10) Are there "live" roundtables that WIC members can participate in?

Currently the only live roundtables available are in the San Diego area. However, we are also developing a template for members, outlining how they can bring live roundtables to their communities.

11) When will the advanced membership level launch?

We do not have an exact launch date yet for our advanced memberships.  Howeve, we are looking to introduce advanced levels throughout 2018. Our goal for WIC is to create an ever-evolving site that is pertinent to writers and the industry we that supports us.

12) Do sponsors get any discounts on yearly memberships with their sponsorships?

Yes. Sponsors coming in at the top 2 levels (the Chapter IV, Pride & Prejudice level or the Chapter V, Don Quixote, level) have the option of receiving a yearly membership with their sponsorship.  For further details visit our sponsorship page.