A Letter of Grace to Writers


I have just completed searching an old laptop and discovered a plethora of essays and blogs I had written, some from as long ago as ten years. As I traveled through a trail blazed of my own meanderings, thoughts that landed in alphabet soup and somehow formed words onto my blank page, I felt a deep pang of compassion for that uncertain but passionate writer I was in the beginning.

Some people have the gift of a formal education that buoys them in the pursuit as a writer. Perhaps they find their way to a professional position with a paper or a magazine or like the young beautiful women that gets discovered by the movie mogul at the soda fountain, they are magically discovered and find success. We all long for a quick easy path but rushed is rarely if ever right. Even the most educated and informed have to work hard to write their first novel or memoir. Most things of quality take time, even years, to reach perfection. Writing is a journey, not a destination, and the trip has been so much sweeter as I learned to surrender to the process. Since it has never failed to surprise me.

This is a message to all those closet or beginning writers out there who question their art, who doubt and struggle and passionately strive to do dip into alphabet soup and share their story with others. This is a message to all those writers who have written enough poetry, novels or novelettes, short or epic stories but have filed them away in the back of a closet or deep behind insurance receipts in a file cabinet. This is also encouragement to those who want more.

I am a believer in following one’s convictions. A life worth living is to heed the call from the soul and do what one must do. The mind will not lead you well; it will tell you all the reasons something will not work. But the soulful beautiful calling from deep within will never fail you. If writing in the quiet hours is enough for you, then write. Write until your soul is wrung dry and every ounce of your creativity is spent. No one will ever see it until you say yes to the door that opens or until you feel driven to share it with the world.

I have been writing since age eight. This practice has been my consistent friend, my constant reliable companion. There have been times it comforted me, taught me, and revealed the world to me in ways that have been remarkable and miraculous. As the songbird sings, a writer must write. As you write, draw your inspiration from the deep well of compassion for the amazing journey you are courageous enough to take … and never, ever, ever, stop! It is the umbilical cord to our writer’s soul.







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