A Love Letter to Writers

Valentine HeartsHappy Valentine's Day ~ Every Day

Writing is an art, a product of the spirit, a gift of the heart. As a writer pursues his or her story, flushing it out to its end, then his or her words leave in their wake spirited imaginings of triumph, tragedy, humor, sentiment … and with any luck a little insight. Such imaginings become the seeds for other writers, other dreamers, other storytellers. 

Let your craft be your art. Give it freedom to develop and grow like an embryo within the womb until it is ready to be birthed. Don’t rush ahead. Be patient. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with your craft or to become lost in your passion, as star-crossed lovers are prone to be. Your life as a writer is a story to be lived.

 Wishing you (and your muse) a Happy Valentine’s Day, not just today but every day.

 With deep and genuine respect for you and your writing journey.

 Candace George Conradi

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