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Meet WIC's Team

Sometimes saying yes changes everything. With a succession of yes on both their parts, Candace George Conradi and Olga Singer experienced a serendipitous convergence of events that led to their partnership. Their creative strengths are the perfect balance for Writers Inner Circle and The Storyteller’s Edge. The two women met in between the spaces where all possibility exists, bringing together with fate's help the perfect blend of creativity and artistic passion. Enter Aaron Singer, Olga's youngest son whose gifts in videography added the necessary personal touch to Writers Inner Circle. Building the WIC takes a village as you can see! To learn more about the people behind the scenes, please read their messages below. (Upper left picture: from right to left: Olga Singer and Candace Conradi; upper right picture: Aaron Singer.)

A Message from Founder, Candace George Conradi:

I would like to welcome you into the wonderful world of WIC! I first dreamed of an online community nearly six years ago. My vision for a working writer’s online village, one that offered a map for someone to follow as they wrote, one populated with trusted, reliable vendors who cared, and where publication was not only probable but possible, was extremely personal. I was first traditionally published in 2006 and subsequently published three more books independently by 2013. Deeply optimistic and passionate about writing it was not my enthusiasm or unyielding determination that hampered me, I was thrilled to finally be a writer, what hurt me was what I did not and could not have known. I wanted to help others avoid the same pitfalls and learn from my experience.

In 2013 I began teaching creative writing at a local adult education center and officially began coaching local writers in groups. I had found my tribe and could no longer ignore the immensely creative catalytic power of community. When Olga and I joined forces, the pathway was cleared for Writers Inner Circle to grow and develop into an online membership forum. I am excited to invite you to explore the WIC website, ask every pertinent question you have, and explore the many ways WIC can help you with your writing goals. If it feels like a good fit, we’d love to have you join our community … where writers are embraced and encouraged to trust their talent, but more importantly, where each member can realize their writing goals and dreams.

A Message from Olga Singer

Many times when you pause and stop trying to figure out the how or the why of something, everything falls into place. When my husband took a job in San Diego County in 2014, I found myself uprooted from the place I called home for twenty-two years. I had been keeping close company with my computer for 18 of those years as a freelance graphic designer and working from home did not allow for an easy way to meet new people. As I navigated this new place I found myself in I began to write and journal my thoughts.  I realize, in retrospect, I deeply missed being part of a greater community.

I finally started saying “yes” to everything that came my way. A good friend invited me to a Storyteller's Edge event and that's how I first met Candace. I began to write more, I joined Candace's roundtables for writers and more importantly I discovered a project I could believe in and support. Using my graphic design expertise, Candace and I worked together to update her websites. Next, we worked on a WIC writers' retreat. Fate threw out another hint when a client appeared needing an expert graphic artist and book designer. Each yes led to the next and our partnership was formed!

Sometimes in order to hear your voice or grab onto that story you're meant to write, you have to release "the how." When you give yourself permission to hear your inner voice, “the way” becomes clear. Many times this is where the magic begins. I have learned writing is something done in solitude but creativity thrives when we surround ourselves with the right community. I've seen it change people's lives and saying yes to WIC might be the very miracle you've been waiting for! We'd love to welcome you, with open arms, into our community!

 A Message from Aaron Singer

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a filmmaker. I was inspired from an early age, watching the Oscars with my parents. I simply knew intuitively that being on that stage, getting an Oscar, was something I wanted to aspire to. 

What I love the most about film ...  what fascinates me about it ... is how it brings different mediums together. Filmmaking as an art form is inter-dependent on others. The final product is the result of collaboration, a community of artists working cohesively together to create a living, breathing archive of how we live together in the world. It is a complex process that allows for artistic expression from so many disciplines. I love graphic arts, I love painting, I love making music, I love taking pictures. I know of no other medium other than film that incorporates all these different artistic expressions. From full-length movies to shorts, movies call on the talent of a wide range of individuals, from costume designers, graphic artists, and musicians, to writers, film editors, and sound technicians (to name only a few). It is not a singular act, but a concerto of artists coming together to produce a living, breathing visual story. I can feel the power of its potential every time I hold a camera or sit at my desk to edit what has been filmed.

What I love about being on WIC's team is the opportunity to work with writers. They are the first collaborators of a good film, providing the needed foundation of every movie or video: the story. Writers Inner Circle embraces the creative process, respects it, and encourages others to find their voice, to write the stories that keep them up at night. The foundation and philosophy of WIC aligns with my own in that I believe every artist needs a safe place to create their work. WIC is that place for writers and I am thrilled to support its work and the work of its members.