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Welcome to our professional vendor site. Here you can find the people who will work with you to develop your writing skills, your story, and your marketing strategy. We have trusted, reliable and transparent experts in their field, working diligently to serve their client's specific writing, publishing, or marketing needs.  

WIC practices due diligence in vetting and interviewing each professional listed in the Profesional Salon. Each professional is an independent contractor and as such contracts directly with individuals. While all professionals listed are personally interviewed, vetted, and have agreed to adhere to WIC guidelines of being transparent, communicate readily with their clients, and perform their expertise with integrity in a fair, honest, respectful, manner, WIC, its founder, representatives and officers are not responsible in any way for the independent arrangements made between WIC members and any one of the chosen professional(s) hired. In summary, members are personally responsible for their relationship with any vendor and vendors are independent contractors who answer directly to the members they contract to work with.

In order for any vendor to be listed on our site, each have agreed to meet the following criteria: 1) be professionally proven in their field; 2) be willing to provide references to our members; 3) have a proven track record to follow through and do what they contract to do; 4) offer our members a discount; 5) act respectfully and listen carefully to the client's needs. In return, WIC requires its members to provide timely compensation and would ask each member to regard the expertise given by our vendors seriously and thoughtfully. If you have personal questions please send an email to [email protected] or post your question on the forum for other members input. 

Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

Beth Riley LogoBardamiss Communications

Your editor is your partner: your advocate, coach, cheerleader, and most avid supporter, even (or especially) if that means giving you an occasional kick in the rear when you need it. Your editor’s sole purpose is to help you make your work as good as it can be—to help you refine your vision and stay true to your voice (and maybe even help you discover it in the first place). As yo

ur editor, I am committed to helping you clear out clutter and distractions, fine-tune your message and polish the rough edges to reveal the multifaceted brilliance of the gem you’ve created. Contact Beth Riley at her website for more information.


Karla Olson

BookStudio Publishing Consultancy
Karla Olson


Karla Olson works as a private publishing consultant and is also the Director of Patagonia Books, which publishes books as a mission outreach for Patagonia, the clothing company. She is the president of IBPA affiliates Publishers and Writers of San Diego and Publishers and Writers of Orange County, and founder of Read Local, a marketing coalition for authors. She has been in the publishing industry for over 30 years and is the owner of BookStudio, a publishing consultancy. 


Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman 
The Well-Fed Writer/The Title Tailor

 Peter Bowerman is the author of the triple-award-winning book, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living ( WIC members can receive a free digital copy by emailing him at [email protected] for a complimentary PDF or Kindle version. Also offering book titling services as The Title Tailor, Book Titling/Subtitling/Back-Cover Copywriting Services, ( WIC members are entitled to 10% off products/services (books, ebooks, coaching, book titling/cover-copywriting). For more information please contact Peter directly at this email listed above and please enter in the subject line "WIC Member."


Justin Womack - Coaching Biz Mastery

Justin Womak
Coaching Biz Mastery 

Coaching Biz Mastery is an internet marketing agency that provides lead generation and online sales solutions via private consulting or done-for-you packages. We specialize in social media marketing, Facebook advertising, CRM management, email marketing, WordPress, SEO, eCommerce, and online sales funnels. If you want to take your message and company online, we will get you there and do it faster. Visit us online or call today at (805) 232-3422.