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Story by Robert McKee
Written as a resource for creating strong screenplays, this book is a rich resource for any writer!

Big MagicCreative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
Creativity is not something we think up, it is something discovered. Elizabeth Gilbert gives writers permission to take a deep dive into the magic of their work.

The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
Julia Cameron takes you on a journey on a 12-week journey into the mystery of creativity. Since 1992 her program has effectively served artists in all genres, freeing them to follow their artist's soul with confidence and joy.

The Artist's Way, Morning Pages Journal by Julia Cameron
A companion to The Artist's Way

Inspiration Sandwich, Stories to Inspire our Creative Freedom by Sark
Fun, whimsical, and effective exercises to keep the muse at the table and your writing muscles strong!

Writing Down the Bones, Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg
One of the finest books to detail the life a writer takes on with all the reasons it is worth it. Inspiring, especially for beginning writers.

Steal Like an Artist, 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon
"Art that comes from only the head isn't any good," Austin reminds us. 

Your Life as Story, Discovering the "New Autobiography" and Writing Memoir as Literature by Tristine Rainer
An essential companion for anyone writing a memoir. Using this guide, along with Story by Robert McKee is the quintessential partner for any memoir writer.

Shimmering Images, A Handy Little Guide to Writing Memoir by Lisa Dale Norton
More help for writers wishing to write their memoirs.

The Writer's Compass by Nancy Ellen Dodd
The path to becoming a writer is not necessarily easy but using simply strategic steps and reliable proven techniques, anyone wishing to write can find their voice and develop their work. Dodd creates a clear path that will only inspire you to keep on keeping on!

How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir
If this is something you have considered doing, this is a practical resource on the "how to" make do it effectively.

Elements of Style by William Strunk & EB White
Grammatical guidance.

Keys for Writers by Ann Raimes (multiple releases)

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, How to edit yourself into print Renni Browne & Dave King (Editorial on this book. Use this as a guide so when you do hire an editor their job will be easier and you will save money!)

The Emotional Craft of Fiction, How to Write the Story Beneath the Surface, Donald Maass

Understanding Show, Dont Tell (And Really Getting It), Janice Hardy

The Emotional Thesaurus Series, On (There are multiple versions of this book. Each version offers specific ways to write about different emotions such as trauma, sadness, happiness, urban settings, rural settings.) 

Online Resources

One of the many purposes behind the creation for Writers Inner Circle was to simplify and make safe a writer's path while writing. There are innumerable resources for anyone wishing to write. Many are reliable and others are less so; navigating the world wide web can be like walking through a strange town at night with no street lights. It's not always easy to know what resources will really help or hurt you. Writers, because of their desire to have their work recognized, are easily taken advantage of. Mindfulness, diligence, and research are critical to the process. 

The websites listed below are safe and reliable, but often costly and out of reach for writers. However, in some cases, there is free information that is extremely helpful. You are invited to check them out!

Writers Digest;

The Great Courses;

Independent Book Publishers Association;


Local Resources

Local resources are a wonderful way for writers to connect with other writers. Joining live events can be scary so you can attend "incognito" until you feel safe enough to let your work or presence be known! Listed below are specific to Southern California. This is where members can help us build this resource. If your city has reliable and fun organizations please let us know and we'll add them to our list!

San Diego, California

Orange County, California