Virtual Roundtables

Essential Feedback and Accountability Program

Girl writing on laptopThe scariest thing a writer does is share their work. Candace always equates it to doing a striptease in the middle of a crowded room of thousands! Writing is deeply personal. Nothing quite reveals our inner psyche to the world more than the journals or diaries we keep, the poetry we write, or the stories we construct from our imaginings. 

To help writers develop strong writing legs, Virtual Roundtables are available to help strengthen a writer's legs. Through intimate group interaction, each writer learns to trust their own voice, develop their writing skills, and most importantly, receive feedback from others they trust and respect. 

Member's benefit from reduced pricing for coach run WIC Virtual Roundtable (VR's). Non-members can also form VR's at non-member rates. (See Guidelines and Rates below.) Each session is led by a WIC coach who offers feedback and offers professional feedback and guidance. 

Given the nature of its design, members of each group can come from different areas of the country or world! Fees for groups are standard and lead organizers can benefit from forming the group by opting to share their discount with the group or participate for free. Once formed, groups choose dates, how often they want to meet (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and schedule their sessions on the WIC calendar. At this time, due to limited staffing, VR's will be limited. If you are interested contact Candace or Olga at [email protected].com to check on calendar availability.

Guidelines & Pricing

Running Time:   2 Hours
Platform:   Zoom

Template for Creating Writers Roundtables
Members Times Per Month

3 Participants
Cost Per Participant

4 Participants
Cost Per Participant
5 Participants
Cost Per Participant
$120 Once  $40 $30  $24 
 $240 Twice  $80  $60  $48 
 $200 Once  $67  $50  $40 
$400  Twice  $133  $100  $80 


Live Roundtables - San Diego, California

Live Roundtable with 4 participantsIf you happen to live in the San Diego area, we currently offer live, in-person Writers Roundtables. You can participate as either a member or non-member, forming your own writer's group or joining one already in session.

If you are interested please send us an email at [email protected] and in the subject line enter ROUNDTABLE INQUIRY.