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A personal message from Candace

Candace's Message

As a child, when I looked out the side window of our car as it drove down the freeway, I would see other cars pass. Strangers, each on their way to somewhere. Where they were going, what their reasons for going, who they were, what they were like was a mystery to me. As each passerby quickly sped on their way, my imagination repeated over and over again as each new face appeared, That person has a story, that person has a story, that person has a story ...

This became my secret mantra over the years. I truly believe that every life lived is an untold story waiting to be written. WIC's purposeful and focused intent is to offer every person, regardless of age, education, or gender the opportunity to realize their dream of completing a book and, if they wish, to take it to publication. It is our goal to support writers and give them a safe and supportive environment where their stories and songs can be developed. Together, we keep the freedom of expression alive and well in a world desperately in need of differing opinions, perspectives, and imaginings. 

If you are someone who has a passion for writing story, poetry or song, has limited financial means, and are unsure where to start, we are inviting you to begin here. Scholarships are granted on a person-by-person basis. Click below to submit your scholarship application. Be prepared to submit writing samples if you are one of our selected applicants.


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