Live Performances from Writers, Authors, & Singers

First Storyteller's Edge

The Storyteller's Edge is a live mic marketing platform that provides potential readers, publishers, and agents an inside view of the writer and their material. It was created with the specific intent to help writers build their audience, not only for themselves as writers and creators but to help build a following for their books, blogs and/or songs. One might even think of it as a living, breathing resume. First Storyteller's Edge

The Storyteller's Edge events offer an opportunity for artists to present original material on stage in front of a live audience. Sections from written work, songs, poetry and/or books in progress allows the original artist to bring their material to the public and gather information from the audience's response, making adjustments or additions to their stories, poems or songs if led to do so.

First Storyteller's EdgePublishers and agents, when looking for clients, not only look for entertaining, high-quality writing but also look for a responsible partner who is willing to work and invest in the marketing process. Your small investment sends a message to potential partners that you are committed to your craft as an artist and willing to invest time and money in your work.

Performers must submit material and audition in order to be chosen to present at an event. If chosen, the artist receives private and group coaching (for both creative work and stage presence), peer reviews and a copy of their videotaped performance.

Opportunities for fundraising events also available as well as children's and teen's workshops.